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​To become a mom never been easy for me. Sometimes being a mom is a really difficult job. For the new mom and first time moms, it can be an amazing, prodigious and at the same time exhaustible. This is why the FirstMaa is here so that you can share your happiness, frustrations and can learn some amazing tips from the time you are expecting to become a new mom, for parenting, for your newborn baby and toddlers and also you can get some other services as well which is absolutely related to first mom. This can be your best support of that time.

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​In reality friends and family helps you a lot in this situation. But if you don’t have any friend to share or if you may live far from your family and you are busy with your work and daily life. You may have very hard time for self-love and care or you may couldn't find a perfect person to make you realize what to do or not to do and how to manage everything and what to eat or not etc.

​Or maybe you are not connected with our firstmaa.com where we have shared heaps of tips and information for expecting moms and their activities, giving birth and the motherhood.

​I think I am lucky enough that I am blessed with some close friends. They are always beside me and they helped me especially the time I was expecting my first child which was really great and wonderful.

​Actually, there are lots of things to know while a mom is expecting her baby. From the first week to 40th weeks every stage is crucial. Some moms can get crazy while she is pregnant especially with the first baby. And even it may last long after giving the birth.

​It is amazing to have everything in one place and you can get by just one click. You can find here your necessary tips, support, motivation, and information.

​This website can help you to manage your special time and coming back time to time if required.

​It is for rapid use and every day or during a time of hesitation when you must be needed a caring, supporting and helpful friend who can realize the period you are going through.

​The firstmaa is the place from where you can complete guide, tips, and information on pregnancy, motherhood, and baby. We really care about the mommies and their children and that is why we are here.

​Actually, the journey of motherhood is tough. Firstmaa is your greatest buddy who will help you by holding your hand within your most exciting journeys to be a mom.  We ensure the expecting moms and the new moms a blissful, happy and safe place.

​We know that every mom is not same. And for these reasons, we have a skilled team to work on it. We have the theme focused experts and editors who spend loads of hours coming up with reliable, dependable and faithful content that states to you.

​So what will you get from your firstmaa buddy?

​In brief, the best of everything we cover for a new mom and the baby

  • ​A complete 40 weeks’ guide for an expecting mom.
  • The details information about food and nutrition for pregnant mom.
  • Health care tips of the expecting mom.
  • You will get safety tips for the expecting mom and what to do and what not to do.
  • About the essential pregnancy gears.
  • What common problems can face a pregnant mom.
  • Possible complications for new mom while giving birth.
  • You can get some additional information about post-pregnancy as well.
  • For baby’s health tips you can browse this site.
  • Breastfeeding information for you baby.
  • Baby’s growth and proper development information.
  • Baby’s play, activity and food details information.
  • Baby necessary products and baby caring tips and all questions answers.
  • The procedures how to maintain baby sleep and sleeping times.

​There is no topic is unavailable for you. From Pregnancy, giving birth, post pregnancy and motherhood everything steps by step we have covered in this website. Simply, we try the journey of a mom expressing different stages of major categories such as expecting mom, Baby, and motherhood.

​I was lucky enough to have my mom with me at that time as a friend and my baby was getting much care from her for 1 month since I am a working mom and I learned lots of useful tips and suggestion like how to pick an infant and how to feed a baby and hold the baby, it was so quick that was just beyond my expectations. Even my friends helped me a lot.

​So I can realize how do you feel no matter what stage you are or what struggles are you facing, in this site we are with you as you go through the tough times and celebrate with you your special big moments and indicators of your new journey as a new mom.

​We speak about you and all your interests and queries concerning matters like pregnancy, Single Parenting, new mom and new baby care.

​You will get some Stimulation and ideas for everything to make life with a baby easy, beautiful, pleasant and enjoyable.

​It is a complete guide for expecting moms, babies and we do care for babies, toddler and yourself. It is a very friendly and real community from where you can take the real feel at home.

​Our loyal visitors encourage us to improve our site each day and we try to fulfill your requirements and we want to reach to more moms so that they can get all these facilities by expanding this community.

​Mommies need support. If you are a mom, you deserve it.

​I would love to be a friend of this crazy journey of motherhood with you!

​So expecting moms and new moms, go and grab your phones and start using this site and don’t forget to take a glass of fresh juice with you. Enjoy your motherhood.

​Contact us: hello@firstmaa.com