Pregnancy Week by Week

6th Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week By Week

6 weeks pregnant

Wow! Congratulation you are reaching at week 6 and you have completed the halfway of your first trimester. You have 34 more weeks to go.Hopefully, you have done your pregnancy test if not done yet then do it now. I already mentioned in week 4 and week 5. There are …

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5th Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week By Week

5 week of pregnancy

This is your 5th week running and maybe you are thinking that there is something going on in your body. Your period didn’t start at your expected time and already almost one week late. Now you have started feeling noticeably different than you usually do. If you are not sure …

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4th Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

4 week of pregnancy

Your journey started and this is the 4th week, which is called implantation period. This time the blastocyst is on its way to the uterus to be settled in a perfect place for upcoming 36 weeks. The 4th week is the time is for the monthly period for a woman …

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3rd Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

3rd Week of Pregnancy

Now you are formally 3 weeks expecting mom. Congratulations new mom!Since you are 3 weeks expecting mom that means one of the sperms from your partner and your egg have united together and you got pregnant and it is the early stages of your pregnancy. Uncertainly, if you discharged two …

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2nd Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

2nd Week of Pregnancy

Are you getting very excited? Wait this is not so exciting yet. You are just entering the second week of your pregnancy. In this stage, you will see some changes to your body similar to the ​first week of pregnancy.​If you are the second-week expecting mom that means your journey …

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1st Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy 1st Week

​Wow! Congratulations you are an expecting mom. You are just going to enjoy your pregnancy. Though all expecting mom passes the tough time, still I think it is a blessing for a woman. From this article, you can find out what changes are happening to your body and see how …

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