Delta Children Baby Activity Walker

​Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker is a car themed baby walker designed with wheels, color schemes and featuring realistic car details. Your baby will love motoring around in the Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker as they play with the movable steering wheel and shifters that are on the removable toy tray in front of the walker as lights and sounds play to help stimulate even more fun. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker features a slim fold that is very easy to close making it easy to travel with. Delta Children is one of the more popular brands in this list with a promise of quality and Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker might be the baby walker you have been looking for.

Car Themed: Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker’s car theme features extra realistic car details like the plastic wheels and painted on doors on the side to stimulate the baby’s fun experiences. You baby will absolutely love racing around with this great looking car shaped walker as sound effects and lights add to that fun.

Electronic Toy: Tray Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker comes with an electronic toy tray powered by batteries which contains a moveable steering wheel and shifters to mimic the feel of a car. Your baby can play around with them which will help develop their motor skills as well.

Feeding Tray: The toy tray is removable doubling up as a plain surface for you to feed the baby during meal time and snack time. This function also makes it very easy to clean the walker.

Three Position Height Adjustments: Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker has three separate height settings for you to choose what is the best for your baby. The lowest settings is 7 and half inch from the ground and as your baby grows up you can change it around.

Easily Foldable: The walker folds on to itself forming a neat looking car with no walker stands this makes it super easy to store and travel with.

Delta Children Baby Activity Walker

Product Information



​Delta Children


​Age Range

Age Range

​4-20 months

6-20 months

​Best Seller Rank

Best Seller Rank

​#34 in Baby Walker

#16 in Baby Walker Products

​Maximum Weight Recommendation

Maximum Weight Recommendation

​25 lbs.

30 lbs.

​Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

​27 x 27.8 x 26 inches

27.8 x 25.5 x18 inches

​Item Weight

Item Weight

​12.6 lbs.

12.3 lbs.




White and Charcoal

​Batteries Required

Batteries Required


​Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
When it comes to baby products Joovy is one of the most trusted brands out there in the market, that being said Joovy Spoon Walker is an extremely useful and top of the line baby walker you can get for your precious baby. Joovy Spoon Walker cam not only serve as a walker it combines learning to walk, playing and eating functions for a baby. This practical baby walker works as a high chair for the baby and one of the safest platform for it to learn to walk. Modern design of this walker is not only practical it is also stylish with its white glossy finish the large platform holds plenty of space for the baby’s favorite toys and as a food holder whenever the need arises. The seat the baby is going to use is comfortable and made of top of the line 600D material and has luggage grade strength to provide your baby with ultimate stability and safety. Joovy Spoon Walker has three adjustable height settings and can be easily folded in to a flat design to optimal use of space. This fully manual baby walker is BPA, PVC and phthalate free and is the safest and finest baby walker you can get for your dearest baby.
 The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker is very easily adjustable and has an excellent supportive structure for your baby. You may adjust the walker to three different height settings to best fit your child’s height and that too with just a click. The base of the walker is wide and offers stable support which equals no worries for the parents.
The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker is world renowned for its ultra-wide base that gives unparalleled strength, stability and mobility. This is specifically designed so your baby’s hands will not get pinched no matter how many times they bump in to walls or other surroundings. The super wide tray also allow to fit in multiple toys so your baby can have all the fun they want. And for meal time this base has an extra-large tray with a removable settings with a safe dishwasher insert.
This is where modern technology kicks in not only The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker has a stylish and attractive seat it is made 600D material which combines luggage grade toughness with a soft and padded high seat. The seat pad is supportive and comfortable and is machine washable.
The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker can be folded flat on itself for convenient storage and very easily packed for travel. The Walkers come with boxes ready to go whenever you need it to.
Product Information
  • ​Pros
  • ​cons
  • Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker has an easy assembly and folding system.
    The ultra-wide base provides extensive safety for the baby and can be used for multi purposes including feeding on it, playing on it and learning to walk
  • No requirements of batteries.
    Exclusive design based on simplicity and contemporary style for easy assemble as sturdy as they come.
  • The walker has height settings to better suit you babies needs.
    Strong and comfortable seating pads which is machine washable.
  • Durable and easy to travel with.
    Anti-slip stairs pads to ensure stability and maximum safety for the baby

​Frequently Asked Question

Question: Do the wheels rotate?

Answer: Yes the wheels rotate 360 degrees.

Question: Does the walker work carpet?

Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Do all the wheels swivel?

Answer: Yes all four wheels swivel.

Question: ​What sort of sounds does the walker make?

Answer: ​The gear shifts makes vroom vroom engine sounds and horn in the steering wheels makes a squeak type of noise.

The walker can roll perfectly on brick paves and on wooden patios.
Frequently Asked Question

​Product Features

Product Features
  • Car themed walker featuring realistic car details.
    Wide ranged super-sized tray with removable insert which is dishwasher safe
  • Cool colors and big plastic wheels to give the Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker a real car look.
    Wide base ensuring that the baby is totally safe
  • The walker has a removable toy tray with steering wheel, shifter, lights and music provides plenty of room for snacks and other toys.
    Set pad is comfortable, supporting and machine washable
  • No batteries required.
    Three height adjustments to allow for maximum comfort for the child
  • Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker folds in to a slim fold making it easy to travel with.
    Oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads


​Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker has extensive features and various minute details making it one of the best walkers in the market. It not only provides a realistic car feel for the baby the toy attachments are specifically designed for your baby to have the maximum fun out of it. All in all it is a great baby walker and one we would absolutely recommend.

The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker has every impressive features and specification that would suit the need of your toddlers needs. It not only offers comfort, safety and stability it has the impressive ratings on Amazon and other respective sites. Customer reviews has been overly positive and the brand name speaks for itself. All in all The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker would serve all the needs for your babies needs for a baby walker and we highly recommend this product.

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