Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks

These test sticks are reliable and give up to 99% accuracy in determining LH surge. With this item, you’ll be able to record the results with Premom App which is free to download. The Premom app will let you know the results easily. The tests will be displayed with auto-align feature. You will never have to keep the used tests. The individual sealed test sticks are effortless to carry and you can test at your home or on the go. The good thing is that you don’t have to carry cups. The tests will allow you to reduce the chance of missing your LH surge. The Premom app will help you especially if you’re a woman trying to conceive naturally. It will help you to predict your most fertile day with confidence and accuracy. If you have been using expensive brands and none of them was reliable and accurate, then it is the best time for you to change them. Try Easy@Home 25 Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks today and you’ll be glad.

ovulation predictor kit

Benefits of using 25 Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks

  • Accurate and reliable: The tests sticks are approved by FDA and so when you’re using them, you’re confidence that you have the best test sticks ever. They give up to 99% accurate results when you use it properly. You can detect the levels of LH which is as low as 25mIU/ml within three to five minutes. When you use the midstream test sticks with Premom app, it will read your fertility results and give you a more comprehensive overview by putting together many fertility signs. This is the only ovulation predictor test sticks which are accurate and more reliable.
  • More intelligent: The Premom will help you to predict the fertility window perfectly by using the advanced algorithm. The app will combine all of your fertility signs which include; BBT, PdG test results, ovulation test results and period information. This will help a woman to enjoy the best prediction. Tracking and viewing the cycle is very easy. The fertility windows can be predicted easily at any time.
  • Sufficient tests: Since you want to conceive naturally, this ovulation test is the best thing to rely on. The sufficient tests will help test enough until you know when to conceive. With this in mind, you’ll never miss your LH surge. You’ll become aware of the LH pattern since you’ll be testing regularly.

When to test

  • The starting date of women varies but this depends on the estimated period length.
  • The ideal time to start the ovulation test is in the afternoon.
  • Also, testing may be the best when it takes place from 10 am and also, you can have it from 1

How to test

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    Using the ovulation tests is as easy as one... Two... three.
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    You can dip or use midstream for only ten seconds.
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    Read and record your results within three to five minutes.
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    When you have the Premom App, your tests will be documented with auto-align feature.
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    The good thing is that there’s no need of keeping the used tests. This is a huge bonus to all women who want to conceive naturally.
Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks

Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks

Interpretation Of Results

  • Reading the results is very easy
  • When the test line comes out darker than the control line, then my dear lady you’re positive for LH surge. Keep it in your mind that ovulation normally occurs in one to two days or 24-48 hours.
  • When you test and monitor your trend regularly, you’ll be able to see the LH progression and also avoid missing your LH surge.
  • Premom app will help you snap your test results easily and it will also help you to monitor your LH progression. Start it today!

Customer review

You’ll become pregnant at the first try since the kit is accurate. They’re the best test sticks especially if you have irregular cycles and if you thought that you’re not ovulating. If you test and see a darker line then you’re pregnant and when you test for pregnancy two weeks later, the results will be positive. You can save the tests so that you can compare the intensity of your test lines. The product is more affordable than any of those drugstore ovulation and pregnancy tests. This product is highly recommended… Amnis

Final thoughts

The Easy@Home 25 Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks is a great deal to all women who are trying to conceive naturally. The price is affordable than other ovulation testing products found in the drugstore. They have the same quality but more accurate and reliable than other brands. If you want to become pregnant without spending a lot of money and time, then Easy@Home 25 Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks is what you need. Get it and you’ll become pregnant soon.

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