1st Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

​Wow! Congratulations you are an expecting mom. You are just going to enjoy your pregnancy. Though all expecting mom passes the tough time, still I think it is a blessing for a woman. From this article, you can find out what changes are happening to your body and see how your baby is developing each and every week of your pregnancy. If you are the first mom, then it's going to be more exciting and more fun for you.

​I am going to share the complete pregnancy guide week by week that you go through different phases until giving birth. I am going to start from the very beginning period of your pregnancy which is really exciting.

​When I was an expecting mom, first I discover the main change was the uncomfortable stages of the morning sickness.

​First Trimester

​At the first trimester, you will realize the great changes in your physical and emotional condition and this is the stage of main development for your fetus.

​Sometimes many women don’t understand are they pregnant or not until at least the four weeks or five weeks. It may a purpose of women are confident to plan for pregnancy.

​Let me think that maybe you can realize that you are an expecting mom right away.

​At the time of the first trimester, your body is experiencing huge changes. The common signs you will face in the first trimester such as nausea, craving, mode swing, fatigue, breast tenderness, constipation, bloating and very frequent urination. Later you will find more details about these symptoms.

​First Week of an Expecting Mom (Body changes, common signs Baby development and necessary tips)

​I am going to describe you here what exactly happens in your body at the first week.

​In most cases, you don't even know that you are expecting. This how most of the ladies pass their first week of pregnancy. For me when I was 5 weeks of pregnant then realized that I am expecting.

​When your menstrual cycle appears that week is called the first week of your pregnancy. Maybe you don’t know that you are expecting.

​So maybe this is your first week of pregnant or not but let's see the following information.

​You must know

​Normally a monthly period cycle length is 28 days. Consequently, the days in between 12th to 14th of your cycle, when the ovulation can occur.

​Throughout the ovulation, a mature egg is discharged from the follicle into the Fallopian tube then the egg waits for the sperm. If there is no sperm to meet the egg, then there is no fertilization. The endometrial lining which has been uniting through a month and the uterus shelters the endometrial lining and your period get starts again.

​Though when the sperm comes to the egg and the fertilization occurs then you become an expecting mom.

​The length of the menstrual cycle can differ from woman to woman. So your time will depend on the length of your cycle.

​Am I Really Pregnant in This First Week?

​To be honest, the first week of pregnancy cannot be found. Because normally the first day of last period is counted to estimate the gestational period and the exact date of ovulation is hard to define.

​Once your period is over for a month then the cervix begins to discharging mucus which helps to allow sperm swim easily across the cervix to the Fallopian tube.

​So if you want to conceive you need to calculate your ovulation time first and you must have the sexual intercourse 3 days earlier and on the day of ovulation.

​Comparatively, the chances are less to get pregnant in the first week. Though you can get pregnant in the first week If you have a short menstrual cycle or you have early ovulation.

​What changes are happening inside of your body

​So in the first week, you can get pregnant if your ovulation happens in the first week, next the egg will move to the Fallopian tube then if it becomes fertilized and conceives will happen.

​Now next three days will go for the cell division to get structure shaped this stage of this week is known as ​Blastocyst.


​Throughout the next two weeks, the outside layer of the blastocyte converts to the placenta and the inward layer goes into the embryo and becomes attached to the uterine wall. This stage starts after the first week.

​The Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

​I mentioned some symptoms earlier but still, there is no exact way to realize that you are first-week expecting mom.

​The common signs and symptoms of pregnancy are given below:

  • ​Mode Sewing
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Nipple Darkening
  • Craving
  • Lower Back Pain and Cramps
  • A headache
  • Peeing More Often
  • Constipation

​After knowing all these signs if you think that you are expecting then you should start following a healthy routine.

​Some Important Tips for The First Week Expecting Mom

​While I was a first expecting mom then I followed all the tips are here:

  • check
    Just need to start a healthy lifestyle
  • check
    Keep doing regular workout which can help you to feel better, fresh and empowers you
  • check
    Try to be relaxed, stress-free and calm
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    You must avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and too much intake of caffeine
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    Start taking some vitamins such as folic acid supplements
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    You must take protein regularly
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    You should start taking lots of fruits, vegetables, pulses, and grains
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    Keep tracking the cycle to know the accurate ovulation period.

​The first week of your menstrual phase is measured as the first week of pregnancy for the best way of calculating your gestational length. I think it must be more practical and easiest way than trusting on your ovulation or the formation time. This can vary or any exception can be found if your cycle is irregular and ovulation happens in the very first week itself.

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