2nd Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

Are you getting very excited? Wait this is not so exciting yet. You are just entering the second week of your pregnancy. In this stage, you will see some changes to your body similar to the ​first week of pregnancy.

​If you are the second-week expecting mom that means your journey already started as a new mom and you are on your way.

​Though there is still some time to conceive for a good timing with you and your partner can take place of a successful conception.

​In this week there is something complex things are happening to your body procreative parts and some changes to your brain as well. Since your 2nd week is running, maybe you won't notice any significant changes but you may feel some least changes. This is just starting off your pregnancy. 

​You may notice some common early stage symptoms of expecting mom such as nausea, dizziness, mode swing, tiredness and breast tenderness etc. These are the main symptoms of second-week pregnancy.

​During this period, you can feel more ardent and affection. You will get your partner more appealing than you normally do.

​Your pregnancy journey started from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. If you are 2nd-week expecting mom, then you can say bye to your menstrual cycle for 40 weeks. Though you are pregnant or not depends on your menstrual cycle length. If the ovulation and conception occur at right time that means your menstrual cycle is OK and you will be expected by the end of this week.

​Now maybe you are thinking how to detect you are an expecting mom. In these early stages, the hCG hormone level might be not in detectable level. So the pregnancy test result can show you the negative result but in some cases, highly dedicated pregnancy tester can detect it.

​If you are not pretty much sure about your conception at this period, you may still try to get pregnant with your full efforts.

​Your body changes

​If you have 28 days’ menstrual cycle, then it will be ovulating on the 14th day. I already mentioned that it may vary depending on your menstrual cycle length.

​If the egg is mature in your ovary your body will allow sending some hormones which discharge the egg from a follicle.

​While you are second-week expecting mom there will be a change in your uterus to sustain your baby. There will be a new coating developing inside the uterus.

​Rarely if the ovary produces more than one egg and they get fertilized then it can make a result of genealogical twins or more.

​This time your uterus is raising the level of production of endometrium that ensures a fit and the perfect environment to the implant for your baby.

​During ovulation, the egg goes into the Fallopian tube from your body part. Just because of hormonal imbalance this time your body temperature can go slightly high. To track this, you can check with a highly sensitive basal body thermometer ovulation tracking.

​There are some usual symptoms of ovulation:

  • ​By checking spotting or brown release from your body you can track ovulation, maybe you can notice a small drop of red or brown on your underwear when ovulation happens. This occurs when the follicle around the egg estrangements.
  • At this early stages, you can find some cervix changes such as cervix position and cervix mucus. Normally the cervix is situated between your uterus and vagina. If you are expecting mom, then the position will change and this is one of the major symptoms to understand when conception happens by checking at the position of the cervix.

    Furthermore, you will also experience the changes of cervix mucus. The consistency of cervical mucus can ensure you the that you are expecting or not.

    At the end of the uterus, the tubular structured thin part is called cervix.

    The position of cervix extends into your vagina and fills with cervix mucus if you are pregnant. It is a protective barrier named mucus plug.
    While you are 2 weeks pregnant you will feel like your cervix is soft and opening up. These things happen during your pregnancy. This time the level of your body o estrogen is rising because your cervix contains extra blood.

    Though it's not same for all ladies and its difficult to know exactly when it happens. The position of cervix can't give you all time accurate result if you try to check it yourself so it will be a wise decision if you go and check with your doctor.
  • On the other hand, the cervical mucus will change if you are pregnant. The cervical mucus will be thick, sticky and clear. If you see the mucus color is green or yellow and horrible smell, then you should see your doctor immediately because it can cause infection.
  • Breast tenderness or soreness is another common sign of early pregnancy. It can happen before and after your ovulation. While you are pregnant your hormones flow to support your growing baby. Your hormone level will increase and you will produce more o estrogen. The fat layers start to begin to thicken and your milk glands start to become bigger.
  • When your ovary discharges an egg you might feel a little cramp or pain on one side of your lower abdomen. It happens during ovulation. The pain can last from 2 minutes to an hour and this pelvic ache is known as a Mittelschmerz.
  • You will get the good sense of smell at 2nd week of pregnancy if your ovulation occurs. The hormonal changes improve your ability to get different odors.

Accordingly, if your ovulation occurs in this week and you had an unprotected intercourse with your partner from the three days earlier of ovulation and the same day of ovulation you have the maximum chance to get pregnant.
To track your ovulation day, you can use an ovulation predictor kit.  

​Your Baby Changes

​Though you are formally 2 weeks expecting mom your baby is not conceived yet in this week. While it is conceivable for you when you have ovulated. A single cell contains all genetic information of your baby’s which will be released from the ovaries middle of your menstrual cycle.

​Food and Nutrition

​You are officially an expecting mom now so you must start taking some parental multivitamins from now. By now you should be ready to take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day for your baby. It helps to your baby for healthy brain and spinal cord.

​Developing a baby from day to day which starts from a single cell than into a new-born. You must need great energy and nutrition for your baby and you must follow all the healthy diets plan.

​In 2nd week pregnancy, you need to know which food to avoid to prevent miscarriage.

  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Drumsticks
  • Peach
  • Coffee
  • Tinned Fish including tuna salmon
  • Cold Cut such as sausages
  • Litchi
  • Soft cheese
  • Green Tea
  • Canned Juice

You should keep proteins, fats, vitamins, irons, and minarets to your daily diet chart. It will help both you and your baby to stay healthy.

You should always keep in mind that eating good and healthy food can provide you extra energy and nutrition which are very essentials for your growing baby.

Try to avoid under cooked or raw food to protect your baby from bacteria contamination or food poisoning. Always have well cooked, well-done food.

While taking your daily meal keep all necessary food in proper portion. You should take some fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats, and grains.

There are some food helps to get pregnant faster are given below:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts and Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Ice Cream including milk and dairy products
  • Chicken
  • Egg
  • Bananas

Parental multivitamins can provide you the great way to make sure that you are getting all the nutrition that you and your baby needs.

Pregnancy Tips for 2nd Week

While you are pregnant you need to change some bad habits like smoking, drugs, and drinking. To give birth to a healthy baby you must follow healthy rules for a healthy pregnancy.

You must take vitamin supplements with folic acid every day. Even if you are still waiting for a positive pregnancy test then make sure you are taking full of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and at the same time get your partner to have a healthy diet. Both of you need to quit smoking for the well being of your family.

Finally, I must say that in this week you must be eagerly waiting to know that are you pregnant or not? You might need to wait a little longer but don't be sad it's around 4 days the egg can get fertilized. A pregnancy test can give you the exact right answer just after one more week. 

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