3rd Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week

Now you are formally 3 weeks expecting mom. Congratulations new mom!

Since you are 3 weeks expecting mom that means one of the sperms from your partner and your egg have united together and you got pregnant and it is the early stages of your pregnancy. Uncertainly, if you discharged two or more than one egg and they got fertilized then you will be pregnant with twins or more than two.

If you are already 3 weeks pregnant you must be passed more than 2 weeks from the 1st day of your menstrual cycle from the last month. By now the fertilization either done or going to happen soon. Basically, both the beginning of the 3rd week and the end of the 2nd week are the highly fertile period for a woman. This is the best time to conceive. So this would be your perfect time. After getting pregnant your conception takes place for 38 weeks more if the real begging of your pregnancy journey starts from 3rd week.

In this stage, you are a little bit away from the beginning to feel the outcomes of pregnancy hormones that will go to have on your body. In the 3rd week, you will not see any obvious symptoms of your body yet. Inside your body, there are many changes occurring to celebrate the appropriate growth of your baby.

At the 3rd week, your uterus is actively getting ready for your new baby.

While the oogenesis is developing in this week, then the developed ovum completely ecstasies itself far from the ovary. Though the ovum is motionless it will be moved into the fallopian tube.

At the 3rd week, your body will face some changes step by steps such as ovulation, fertilization, germination, and implantation. The fimbriae help to transport the ovum from ovary to the fallopian tube since the ovum is motionless and there is no open relation between the ovary and fallopian tubes.

At the time of ovulation, the fimbriae gradually rap the ovary in a far-reaching action and it causes the ovum to move. This is how the ovum is carried by fimbriae into the fallopian tube. If the complete process fails to proceed then you will not be able to get pregnant.

By this time the uterus is ready to support, protect and feed the fertilized egg.

Maybe you are thinking about the amazing process and wondering how this wonderful miracle happened.

Maybe you don’t know after few weeks your baby’s sex will be determined. Though it's an amazing process.

The fertilized egg has total 46 chromosomes which come from you and your partner. The 23 from the mom and all are XX chromosomes and rest 23 come from the dad. The dad can provide X and Y chromosome. These can determine your baby sex. If The X chromosome from dad joins with the X chromosome of mom the baby will a girl. On the other hand, if the Y chromosome comes from dad and the X from mom then you are going to give birth a baby boy after 9 months. This is how it works.

The Fertilization Process

To complete the fertilization procedure your egg and a single sperm from your partner take around 24 hours. Though lots battle of sperm tries but only one sperm can make it possible to go through the centre of the egg. When the one sperm becomes successful the egg starts building a protective wall to stop others from entering and that time the other sperms just stop trying. If one sperm fertilized one egg but the egg divides separately into two, then identically twins babies are formed at this stage.

This fertilized egg is formally called zygote. It starts dividing and takes 3days to dividing into more cells and It becomes 12 cells from the 2 cells. In the third week, the zygote usually stays in the fallopian tube. While it is firmly looking for its way down towards the uterus where it is supposed to stay for next upcoming 37 weeks.

The cilia route the fallopian tube and trend the zygote to move towards the uterus and it takes almost 60 hours for the egg to line towards its way down to the uterus. In this time there will be around 60 cells with all active function. The inner cells will formulate the baby and the outer cells will formulate the placenta.

The cilia are just like the projection of hair.

It takes around a week after the egg fertilization in the fallopian tube and then implants in the liner of the uterus.

After this, there will be around 100 cells and which is officially known as a blastocyst. This is the early stage of producing the pregnancy hormone HCG. This hormone can detect are you an expecting mom or not at the time of your urine or blood. You can try some pregnancy tester kits.

Your Body Changes

Any pregnancy signs are now similar to the earlier experiences just you had before. Though your body is crammed with the pregnancy hormones still you will feel the same at this stage.

At this time your baby is the at the level of the zygote. A signal sent to the pituitary gland to your brain. The pituitary gland acts with the signal from the fertilized egg and helps to stop your menstrual cycle and increase the flow of pregnancy hormone hCG.

Corpus luteum shows quite important act from the starting to the end of pregnancy. The hCG stops the involution and deterioration of the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum stay unharmed and makes high levels of progesterone and estrogen. To rising the production of progesterone is quite safe for your pregnancy.

The baby’s development and growth in your uterus depends on progesterone hormone.

In this stage, the blastocyst is unable to make hormones itself so it will be depending on your hormones.

Common Symptoms

This time you are excited because you are quite sure with the symptoms that you are an expecting mom. The main signs are mode swings, nausea, dizziness and breast tenderness, spotting and cramps.

Though most of the women want to be sure and wait until miss date of their monthly menstrual cycle. For that, you have to wait a couple of weeks more. Some women can realize for their weird experience and you must have stopped using your contraception.

This time your mode can swing but it can lead anxiety and stress which is not good for pregnancy. It can affect your fertility.

Some pregnant women in this stage can feel a strange taste in their mouth. They feel something is happening different and they love to tell others that they are expecting.

While its just 3rd week and it is too early to expect hormonal changes but we cannot ignore the experiences of many women and what they have declared about the symptoms. If one of your egg is fertilized that means it has started for its next stages and it is naturally doing the process. At this time, you don’t need to take any extra steps for your any physical movement or regular activities.

The symptoms of the 3rd week are almost similar to 2nd-week pregnancy symptoms.

You may see the following symptoms if you are 3 weeks expecting mom:

  • You may see spotting since the egg is already fertilized
  • Dizziness is another symptom of this stage that you are pregnant
  • You may feel cramping or pain in your lower abdomen and lower back
  • Morning sickness can occur since the pregnancy hormone hCG begins to produce through your freshly pregnant body
  • Breast soreness and tenderness may happen because it's getting ready for milk flow and the mammary gland is becoming harder

Now you know the symptoms of this stage so wait 37 weeks more and enjoy each and every moment.

Your baby’s changes

In the third week, your baby just started the first milestone of her growth and well development. After fertilization, the egg is called zygote. Still, two more weeks to wait for the zygote to be dedicated as an embryo. This is officially the first step in the life of your baby. Now the baby is at 2 cell stage and it is developing.

Maybe you are eagerly waiting to know the baby size. At this stage, the baby is smaller than a poppy seed. That means the baby size is hardly like a pinhead.

At this time baby naturally determine the gender, hair color, eye and more than 200 other characteristics. It grows very faster within 24 hours of every day. It doesn’t look anything like until it will develop. It is just like a bundle of cells.

Food and Nutrition

You must take plenty of liquids. Remember whatever you are taking is going to affect your baby's development. You need to take nutrition for two, you and your baby both. You need calories to supply enough nutrition to your growing baby. Iron and folic acid must take to increase your blood during pregnancy. Calcium and vitamin D help to build bones and teeth of your baby. Protein helps to build your baby muscle and produce more blood.

Baby brain development super foods you should eat during your pregnancy.

To boost your baby brain, you should take following foods:

  • Egg:
    You must take at least one egg each day your total pregnancy period. It can be taken as fried, scrambled, omelet, properly boiled. The egg is a good source of protein and other nutrition and it is comparatively flexible and reasonable. It contains choline which is essential for your fetal brain development. 
  • Greek Yogurt:
    Yogurt is good for your baby’s brain development. It has a great supply of iodine and it also has protein as well.
  • Green Vegetables:
    All the way of pregnancy you must need to take folic acid. Folic acid is essential for the early stages of pregnancy and green vegetables are the good source of it. It is good for your baby's nerves and mind to shape and develop.
  • Milk:
    Daily a good quantity of milk can ensure your baby’s overall development including brain development, physical and psychological growth
  • Fish:
    While you are pregnant you must take omega-3 fats for the baby’s brain development such as mackerel fish salmon fish etc.
  • Whole grains:
    Whole grains increase the attentiveness of baby by offering their mind a continues source of energy. It is good for both mommy and baby.

So you need to make sure that you are taking enough calories for you and your baby. You Maybe started to take multivitamins and you must avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking etc. Before taking any medicine concern your doctor first.

Tips for the 3rd Week of Pregnancy

Revealing yourself that you are pregnant is really matter of happiness and excitement. But still, it can make some practical changes to your regular lifestyle such as you might need to change the car, re-thinking about your current job and career, moving to new house. While I was an expecting mom for my first baby I changed my house because my old one was not big enough. I changed it so that I can provide a big and nice environment for my new baby. I had to change my career plan as well.

In early stages of your pregnancy, you need to start budgeting for you and your baby’s upcoming needs such as from the nappies, urine alarm to the travel system stroller. A new-born can make huge differences in your regular life. You need to be prepared for the huge financial impacts on you for the new baby.

You also need to aware of following things:

  • Make sure you are taking prenatal multivitamins and folic acid supplement with your regular diet.
  • If you are going to visit a dentist or an eye specialist for the check-up, at first you must let them know that you are expecting a baby. Don't go for an X-ray because it is not good at early stages of pregnancy.
  • While you are moving around you must be conscious of the hazards around you. If you are walking don’t forget to watch your steps.

You are only 3 weeks expecting mom so there is nothing much to do at this stage.

You are busy with the nursery ready for your new baby but first of all work on the very first room of your baby which is mommy’s womb. Nothing can be safer than the mother womb. Your baby's life can be at risk by the food you eat and the lifestyle you do practice every day. So you must be aware of these whatever you are doing because your steps can affect your growing child.

You are getting ready for the journey of motherhood so you must need to take care of your both mental and physical health by following a healthy routine.

  • Don't be upset about anything because it may cause stress or anxiety which is not good for you and your baby
  • Always be positive and think positive. Start reading some good books, nobles and play some brain active games on your device and listen to soft nice music which will help to develop your baby’s brain
  • You can keep doing your fitness exercise moderately

You should remember that whatever you are doing these 40 weeks of your pregnancy will take an important part for your baby's development including her physical, emotional, neurological and intellectual. You are the form of connection among your baby and the outside world. Everything you do mentally physically enters to your womb along with the nutrients.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, then you will grow a healthy child into you. Best wishes for your pregnancy. Hope this article will help you to get the proper idea of 3 weeks' pregnancy including the symptoms and, body changes and useful tips. Good luck!

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