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This is your 5th week running and maybe you are thinking that there is something going on in your body. Your period didn’t start at your expected time and already almost one week late. Now you have started feeling noticeably different than you usually do. If you are not sure about your pregnancy yet by doing the urine test at home then do it now because this is the perfect time to do it. The perfect time for the urine test at home is early morning when you wake up and your first wee because that time the hCG hormone flows very high. There are lots of pregnancy testers available in the market with lots of variety such as fertility monitor test stick by using this you can check when you are 3 weeks expecting mom. 

If your period is regular from last few months and suddenly you missed the date and it’s already 1 week gone that means you need to confirm your pregnancy first. If this is your very first-time conception then you and your partner both of you must be very excited and at the same time mysterious as well.

If your result is positive then I think you should book a parental appointment with your doctor. I have seen many women wait until the end of their first trimester. But if you go to visit your midwife or your gynecologist at this stage then they will help you to know the due date.

You can use due date calculator by submitting the first date of your last period and then you can get your estimated date of delivery which is known as EDD. And after knowing the date, surely your counting will be started.

This time most of the women say that they feel really strange. Though the basic signs of early pregnancy are morning sickness, cramping, light spotting and the tendency of very frequently wee. Maybe you will be more emotional and unstable than before which can be noticeable by others very easily. This is the 5th week that means formally you are into the 2nd month of your 9 months journey. So you can start buying some first Trimester essentials.

While you are using pregnancy tester kits at home and your result can be positive or negative but do the same test again with another one to make sure your pregnancy before you become very excited.
It can remove your confusion.

What is False Positive and False negative test?

When you are doing a pregnancy test at home. Most of the tester kits depend on pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) level in the urine while detecting your conceptio:n. The hCG hormone takes time to reach the level to show on a detector by a urine test. So maybe you are expecting but you have done the test quite early at home so the result can be a false negative.
On the other hand, the possibility of the false positive result is very low compared to the false negative result. The false positive result can show your pregnancy tester if there is blood or protein is available in your urine. It also can show for some of the drugs or medication for, in reality, you are not expecting. So if you have any confusion it is always wise to double-check after few days. 

Some reasons for false pregnancy that you should know

While you are doing the pregnancy test at home and you have got a false result, the reasons are given below:

  1. If the test is taken in very early stage.
  2. It can happen with medication or some drugs.
  3. The pregnancy tester can have some problem such as date expired.
  4. Not done properly according to the instruction given on the pregnancy tester kit.

Finally, I can’t assure you about any pregnancy kits to completely depend on it so it's better to book an appointment with your gynecologist. There is nothing to rush still you have time, so take your time.

If you are confirmed from your doctor that you are pregnant then it will be a wise decision to find a well-reputed maternity hospital for your upcoming days and you should do all your pregnancy tests in that hospital.

Another important thing is you better stick to one hospital so that they have all your records and your baby’s update.
You need to find such a hospital so that you can feel comfortable for every time you visit to check up. 

This time the help of a gynecologist or midwife is essential. Because they have a very important role to play through the entire process and you need to follow all the advice given by them plus it will help you to prevent any complication. So make a smart decision.

The common symptoms and your body changes at 5th week of pregnancy

The 5th week's pregnancy symptoms are quite similar to 4th-week pregnancy symptoms and some more will happen during your pregnancy journey. The feeling is very similar to last week and there is no big change. Every woman has some unique experience while expecting a baby because all women are not same they are different so the experience must be different.

In this week, the main change in your body that you will miss your monthly menstrual period. You are going to give birth of a new life not a piece of desert. So it’s never been easy. Your total body changes and the only goal at this moment are just to ensure your baby’s secure growth and development. From the first week to last week of pregnancy the changes are really dramatic for a mom.

At 5th week your placenta and amniotic sac are still developing to protect your baby and to provide all the elements, food and nutrients are necessary for the position.
The possible signs and symptoms for the 5th week are given below:

  • At this stage, you may be feeling nausea. It happens if you wake up early in the morning or just when you wake up in the morning if your stomach is empty for a quite long time. Even you can feel vomiting various time of the day. When I was 5 weeks pregnant with my first child I used to feel nausea early morning and before bed. You can try some natural morning sickness remedies to get relief from it.
  • Your hormone level is increasing in your body so your mood swing is quite natural at this stage. Don't be upset you are not alone. Sometimes you can share your feelings with your partner, friends, and family members. You can take their emotional support. 
  • You may feel dizzy or faint and you will become tired easily because your blood sugar level from your body may be decreasing or maybe you didn't have your meal for a long time. Your body is producing more blood to provide oxygen and nutrition to your baby this is why your heart rate increases and these can cause dizziness and tiredness.
  • This time smell can be very sensitive to you though it can vary woman to woman still the smell of perfume, air freshener, food smell and car perfume strongly can effect on your nostrils. These smells are enough to make you sick or you can start vomiting. It's better to avoid those smells which make you sick.
  • You may have a sensation of fatigue because of the pelvic engorgement and your blood flow to the uterus is increasing and your period is due as well. These can be the reasons that you are feeling heavy.
  • Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different so the signs can vary. Some signs can come later or some may not come. You may feel the craving for some specific food and you may feel disliking for some food as well.
  • At 5th week, light spotting can be seen because the placenta and the amniotic sac will help to protect and grow the baby in your uterus.
  • You may feel your breasts are becoming heavy and it's getting ready for milk and the mammary gland is getting harder.

At this stage, there is no visible change to your appearance but the early pregnancy signs in your body can be realized.

This is an early stage of your pregnancy so don't be surprised if you feel tiredness. At the first trimester, it is normal to feel tired because your body is more attentive to make a complete and secure life support system for your baby and it takes heaps of energy. So increase your energy level by eating healthy and take your regular physical exercise. The good thing is this tiredness will go off at 2nd trimester but it will crawl back again when you are at 3rd trimester because your body will be heavier and bump will grow bigger.

I already mentioned about food craving. You may have the craving for your disliking food at this stage the pregnancy hormone is the main reason for these habits. In some worse cases, few women are desperate to eat some non-food items such as sand, soap, soil, charcoal, bricks, and ice. Some women like to take the smell of certain things such as kerosene, firewood, soil, and loofas.

These are known as pica craving and you should visit your doctor and they will test you and provide you some possible medications or vitamin, iron supplements.

By now you are almost sure and maybe you are thinking whether want to share with your friends or family or not. The first trimester is quite risky time and it is completely you and your partner's decision that you want to share it with others or not.

Many emotional changes can happen now at this stage sometimes maybe you feel like cry similarly excited, upset, and joyful. It can vary person-to-person not same for all.

Some parents think this is a special time for them and don't want to share with others and want to keep its little secret. Because maybe you don't want to listen to so many bits of advice and tips from others and you want to do everything your own way.

Maybe you and your partner are very excited at the same time just worry about the baby. Are the baby all right and your own health? There are so many new things together. So it may affect your regular relationship. So relax and don't worry too much.

Baby Development and Changes at 5th week

  • This week your baby is a size of 0.13 inches and just like an apple seed or orange seed. Now your baby can be seen on ultrasound.
  • The baby heart already started to beating and blood circulation is flowing around the little body.
  • The heart is not completely ready with its 4 chambers but the tube is doing a great job.
  • At 5 weeks pregnancy sometimes there is a possibility to see the heartbeat on ultrasound especially vaginal ultrasounds can show you more details at this stage.
  • At this week your baby's brain and spinal cord are developing but still, they are open. Very soon they will be closed.

Baby Development table at 5th Week is given below

Embryonic Development

Development Stage at 5 Weeks

Blood cellular system

Blood flow starts

Leg Buds


Hand paddles


Facial features

Started forming


Start to form

The baby is still called embryo. At this stage baby will sporting a tail as well. The baby is safely growing inside the mother womb. In the womb, your baby is growing rapidly and peacefully. Now the size of the baby is around 0.13inches in length and the size is measured from the crown of the head to the bottom of her rear end and the procedure of measurement is called CRL.

Food and Nutrition for you and your baby at week 5

Now you are in week 5 and your baby's vital organs are developing now. So you need to make sure that you are taking right nutritional foods to support your growing baby, which can help at the time of important development on 5to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter how healthy life you had but you have to make some changes while you are expecting mom.

A dramatic changing is happening in your body. Now your baby is known as an embryo. Some organs are already started to developing such as, the heart is beating, blood circulation started, the brain and spinal cords are developing though all are of minuscule size.

The cardiovascular system is started and the umbilical cord is forming which delivers nutrition to your baby. The amniotic sac will be filled with a fluid soon to protect the baby and also start to take forms.

Now you need vitamin A to increase slightly for your pregnancy.

To develop cells healthy skin and eye vision small amount of vitamin A is essential. A healthy balanced diet can provide you all the vitamin A that you and your baby need.

While taking vitamin A, you must be aware of it that not taking too much of it but protein nutrient, too much of in taking may cause some growth problems to your baby.

Vitamin A can be found in 2 ways such as brightly colored fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, the retinol from animal products is the source of vitamin A as well.

Now you should start taking the prenatal multivitamin instead of multivitamins. The parental multivitamins are custom made for you and your growing baby.

Some foods with the source of vitamin A are given below
  1. Yogurt
  2. Well cooked egg
  3. Green Vegetables
  4. Cheese
  5. Kale
  6. Spinach
  7. Mango
  8. Apricot
  9. Orange
  10. Bell peppers
  11. Pumpkins
  12. Butternut squash
  13. Carrots

At 1st Trimester you should have balanced diet don't need to add too many extra calories but you should increase taking vitamins, minerals, folic acid and protein to help quick cell divisions and your baby's development.

So at this stage start taking healthy and nutrient enriched food instead of having a lot. Follow balance dieting and do some regular exercise.

To stay fit is really important in pregnancy because it’s good for both you and your baby and it helps a to have an easy labor and delivery. You might be thinking is it safe to do regular activities and exercise?
While doing exercise you can use a pregnancy maternity belt which helps to reduce back pain.

If you regularly do your workout then you can continue unless there is something very risky or interacted with sports. It is better you should concern with your gym trainer while doing exercise.

Essential tips for the 5th week expecting mom

To avoid any prenatal complication you should appointment a doctor now. It is essential to monitor your health and your baby’s health. You first visit the doctor will confirm you that you are pregnant and will record all your medical history and doctor will ask you to do some medical tests to make sure you and your baby both are healthy

While you are an expecting mom so look all over your health is everything is ok or not. You should look after your health and make an appointment with your dentist just to make sure that everything is fine.

You should take your prenatal multivitamins every day. By now your baby’s brain and spinal cord are open and it’s developing so by 6th week it will be closed.

  1. You should avoid taking alcohol because it’s not safe for your baby. Your most concern is your baby so you can quit drinking alcohol.
  2. Eat fresh and stay fresh. You are already started to taking folic acids, mineral, vitamin D, which are suggested by your doctor. At the same time you should add some bright color fruits to your daily diet such as berries, orange, kiwi, peach fruits, mango, peppers to get enough vitamin A and vitamin C. You need to consume extra vitamin and food supplements because your baby’s growing cells will demand for some extra nourishment.
  3. Some women think you need to eat for 2 people because there is another life is growing inside you but it is just a starting and it is small named embryo doesn't need a full meal like an adult. Eating for two people may lead you to gain weight. So try to eat good quality healthy food not big in quantity and this is very important for this stage.
  4. This is the time to stay fit so start doing exercise. To deliver a healthy baby you need to be extra fit, energetic and strong. If you keep doing exercise it will help you to get back in shape easily after giving birth. But you have to be careful. You shouldn't do exceed anything and if you are familiar with heavy exercises then you should make it down for now. Consult with your trainer or doctor to know that which exercises are good for you and your baby.
  5. While you are pregnant you should avoid undercooked or raw food. If you don't eat well-cooked food then the food contamination can occur and which can make you sick and can affect your growing baby. You should not eat sushi as well when you are expecting.

Stop taking any medication without your doctor concern. It can be harmful to your baby's development. You should have enough rest if you feel tired and you need sufficient sleep as well.

Hope this article will be helpful for you. Enjoy your days and stay happy, pleased with your partner and loving family. Good luck!

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