6th Week of Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week By Week

Wow! Congratulation you are reaching at week 6 and you have completed the halfway of your first trimester. You have 34 more weeks to go.

Hopefully, you have done your pregnancy test if not done yet then do it now. I already mentioned in week 4 and week 5. There are lots of Variety of pregnancy tester kits are available in the market with reasonable price.

You can keep the record of the moment while doing the test if you think you are an expecting mom and the result is positive.

By now you are 6 weeks pregnant and your baby is official visible by ultrasound.

Since you are a woman and this is a blessing to be a proud mom. Your mood may be changing and you may feel uncomfortable at yourself but please don't be because this is not only your experience most of the women pass this situation and don't worry this is just because of your hormones which is making all these changes of your mind and your body as well.

At the 6 weeks, the baby is curled up and bending at the womb. Now you can measure your baby size through ultrasound. The measuring standard length is counted from the crown to rear of your baby body.

Now your baby size is around 2-5mm which is like a lentil. The head is bigger compared to other body parts. The face and chin can be seen but the baby is little fold. The legs and arms are forming from the small bud. The ear canals are forming on both sides of the head just like small holes.

The features of faces started to develop such as eyes and nose are forming.

These are the activities of 6 weeks expecting mom though this is not sure to anyone for you it's fine because you are an expecting mom.

Nothing to worry, you are not the only one who is expecting there are millions of mom to be around the world who are sharing their experiences and difficulties.

First Prenatal Meeting with Gynecologist

By now maybe you have done your pregnancy test at home and your result should be accurate at 6 weeks. Now, it’s the time maybe to confirm your pregnancy, by meeting with your gynecologist. If you not done yet you should book an appointment soon for your prenatal checkup.

This is not only meeting with the gynecologist but also time to get some important test, which is essential for pregnancy. Following test includes,

1. Blood test including Rh factor test

This time you will check your blood group type O, A, B, AB and the Rh factor is it negative or positive? If the blood Rh factor is negative then you will get one round of Rh immune globulin during your pregnancy and another round after giving birth if your baby has the chance to be Rh positive. The blood test will confirm some other tests such as Hepatitis B testing, HIV testing, Syphilis screening etc.

2. Urine test

This test is commonly done for every prenatal visit to detect any kind of infection, to detect is there any glucose or protein because these may be the indicator of any other problem.

3. Iron deficiency test

In pregnancy iron deficiency can lead anemia, which is very risky for both you and your baby. If you don’t have enough iron to produce hemoglobin to supply oxygen to your body tissues then it can grow to iron deficiency. Basically, this time you need double amount of iron than a non-pregnant woman needs.

4. Blood pressure

While you are expecting mom, this is normally done for each meeting with your gynecologist. The reading is noted to make sure there is no danger, especially for late pregnancy.

5. Weight

Every visit your midwife or your doctor will check your weight and will keep the record how much you are gaining. At pregnancy the overall standard gaining weight range is 8-20kg.

The gynecologist will take all necessary tests that you need for you and your baby to make sure both are healthy, safe and sound for upcoming 34 weeks. You must share your problems with your doctor and please don't hide anything regarding habits such as smoking, drinking which can be harmful to your growing baby.

You should ask if you have anything to know clear and always take your partner with you so that he may know about your condition and can help you even he can ask questions to the doctor as well.

At this stage, you may be asked for an ultrasound test. Though it will be good decision to take the ultrasound test after one more week or after because that time it will be more clear and visible. For ultrasound scanning, you need full bladder because it is wider and deeper of clear view.

How Often Do I Need to Visit the Doctor During My Pregnancy

It is important for both you and your baby health. It is better to follow your doctor and your doctor will decide how often you have to come based on your health and your baby's condition. If there was any problem with pregnancy and the problem is developing while you are pregnant then you have to come quite frequently.

The average meeting for a regular expecting mom is supposed to be like From 4th week to 28th week 1visit a month, the weeks in between 28 to 36 you should visit every 2 weeks and from 36 weeks to 40 weeks, the prenatal visit should be every week. 

If you visit your doctor regularly that means you are ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

The Common Symptoms and My Body Changes at 6th Week of Pregnancy

Though there are no visible changes to your appearance, in side your body there are many changes happening. Your uterus began to grow the baby and the placenta. Your pregnancy hormone level is increasing day by day and it is changing the activity of your body organs such as uterus and bladder.

At week 6 you may notice you are losing some weight because of your nausea or vomiting. Most of the causes at 6 weeks pregnancy you can gain some weight. These are very usual at this period so nothing to worry about.

Since your pregnancy hormone level is increasing so your body is changing and maybe you are changing both physically and mentally.
At 6 weeks there are some common symptoms, which are given below. 

• Nausea or morning sickness

While you are 6 weeks pregnant then nausea and morning sickness is the most common and worse symptom. You will feel like this until 12 weeks that means your first trimester. Morning sickness doesn't appear the only morning it can appear any time of the day even at night before bed. It can start with the smell of anything such as perfume, the smell of food like fish, meat, the smell of coffee. You may feel horrible to your throat and a tendency to chuck out everything. This is how nausea occurs.

• Mood swing

At the first trimester, you might observe great mood swing. Sometimes your mood will be very good and you will feel very happy and on the other hand, sometimes you will start feeling very sad.
Don't be upset these are very natural. You may think about your pregnancy, such as is the right thing happening with you? Sometimes you will be very emotional and your emotion will keep changing very frequently just because of the hormonal changes in your body. You can share your feelings with your partner, family members, and friends as well. Even your partner can help you to feel better so share your emotion and let him know how do you feel

• Dizziness or weakness

This time you can feel dizzy because of your hormonal changes and other changes to your body. The blood vessels of your body stretch and it causes low blood pressure this is the reason of your weakness or dizziness. You can feel faintness for your morning sickness as well. If you are suffering from severe dizziness or weakness at your pregnancy then you must see your gynecologist.

It may starts from the 6th week of 1st trimester. It increases at late pregnancy because when you reach 2nd and 3rd trimester your uterus can put pressure your blood vessels, which can cause you dizziness and weakness.

If it is very hot and your body is dehydrated then you may feel dizzy. If your sugar level becomes low and you didn't take your food quite a long time, you may feel week or dizzy. If you stand very rapidly then maybe your blood can’t reach to your brain in time then you may feel dizzy or faintness. At the first trimester, you can try some prenatal vitamins

• Frequent urination

You may feel frequent urination even you may wake up you’re your sleep middle of the night to empty your bladder. It must be quite uncomfortable. At early pregnancy, this is just beginning but you will see you are going to spend more time in the loo.

In pregnancy, the kidney will receive more blood flow and the blood flow rate is quite faster because blood flow increases and the increase rate and volume of blood flow will confirm you a better activity of the uterus and enough nutrition for the growing baby. These activities will increase your urination. So please don’t forget to take plenty of fluids with water.

• Breast soreness

At this time your breast will be more sensitive and nipples will be darkened. You may notice your breasts are a bluish color and also growing faster in size and getting ready for milk. You should find some comfortable maternity bra

• Craving

At this stage, you may have the sensation like you are craving for any food or something. By this time you may feel sick and you also can feel starving. Some women can't wait too long for food and some women show the craving for cake, pastry, chicken, meat, seafood and different type of fruits. This is the most common symptom but quite interesting

• Gaining Weight

You are already 6 weeks expecting so from now you may feel that your clothes are getting tighter around your hip, waist and bust line. This is very normal changing of your body while you are expecting. But it doesn't mean that your baby is growing inside you and this is why your clothing is tighter. You better try some waist extenders and button extenders for extra comfort.

While you are 6 weeks expecting and you notice any of the symptoms is extreme then see your doctor immediately. Every woman is different so these symptoms can vary person to person.

How Baby Changes and Develops at 6th week

At week 6, the most exciting things happen. Your baby can move now. Earlier she couldn't move. But now she can move very genteelly though you cannot feel it.

At this stage, the beautiful mouth, the marvelous eyes, the wonderful ears and the perfect cute nose are growing in an amazing way in your womb. Don’t lose your patient because all these beautiful things are getting in shape at this moment.

Now the baby size is like a pea. The baby weight is less than 1 kg and the size is about 1 cm, which is around 0.4inch. The baby head is oversized with the eyes and the nose, which are visible like black spots.
The arms and legs appear like tiny little buds. The ears are forming at both sides of the head. At this stage baby brain and spinal cord are forming at the same time the neural tube is linking the brain and spinal cord. 

The baby heart is already beating and it double-times faster than yours. The heart-beating rate is 90-110 per minutes. It is now about to change the body curve into head and tail. Currently, the head and the body parts are forming quite faster than before even you are sleeping but you can’t realize your baby is growing rapidly. At 6 weeks you can see the ultrasound scan. Your baby looks like a little tadpole. Most important organs are started to forming though all are very tiny. 

Inside your body parts so many changes are happening so nothing to worry if you get very tired because too much energy is using for your growing baby. You can use comfortable maternity pillow while sleeping or taking nap.

This week baby’s mouth, cheeks, and chin are going to start shape and after this week these are growing bigger. The baby brain is quite strong now.

Before, the baby heart was just a single tube but now started to divide into complex four chambers which can supply blood all around of her body.

This is so exciting! All other main organs of her body such as lungs, liver, and kidney are also developing and still a lot more to develop. Your baby size is like a growing poppy seed and fine protected by amniotic sac.

At 6 week your baby appearance is like a tadpole and at the same time, the tiny little legs and arms buds are developing, though it won’t stay a long time.

Now your baby legs are bent so difficult to measure but still measured from top to bottom.

Baby Development table at 6th Week is given below

Embryonic Development

Development Stage at 6 Weeks


Starts to form

Leg Buds


Arms bud


Fingers and toes

Started forming

Mouth, cheeks, and chin

Starts to form

Food and Nutrition for you and your baby at week 6

This week your baby has grown significantly from last week. The neural tube is closing and the four-chamber heart started to supply blood all around the tiny body, which is like a tadpole.

The blood flow is increasing so folic acid is most important for 6 weeks expecting moms. You need to ensure that you are getting all the essential nutrition and prenatal vitamins such as folic acid.

While you are 6 weeks expecting mom food is the main source of nutrition, most of the vitamins and minerals for a healthy baby.

There are some food nutrition you should take while you are pregnant,

1. Folic Acid

You must take folic acid until you reach 2nd semester. It helps to your baby’s growth and development.

2. Iron

The iron is needed to reduce the danger of iron deficiency, which is called anemia. Iron is essential for the complete pregnancy of 40 weeks. Iron can produce enough blood for your baby.

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role to develop your baby’s bone and teeth. In pregnancy, vitamin D is highly recommended for you and your baby. While you are pregnant you need to ensure that you are taking enough amount of vitamin D for your baby’s proper growth and development. It is also beneficial for your own health. 

4. Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex is quite important during pregnancy especially vitamin B6, B9 and B12 and these three factors to help from the danger of birth defects. A good quality prenatal multivitamin can ensure your healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. 

5. Omega 3

It provides full support to develop your baby's brain and nervous system and ensures a healthy heart. Omega 3 is essential with EPA and DHA, which can be found in fish oil. During pregnancy, every woman should include very good quality omega 3 fish oil to their diet. It is also needed during breastfeeding. Omega 3 is most important at early stages of your baby.

It is important to follow a healthy diet and it is highly recommended to eat healthy and sufficient food during pregnancy.

You can keep doing some regular workout by asking your instructor. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for you and your baby’s health. Regular exercise can help to tone up your muscle, relaxation and proper sleep. It is also good for your back pain, fatigue, cramps, and constipation.

Essential tips for the 6th week expecting mom

You must take care of your health and try to avoid those things, which are harmful to you.

You may feel extra sick for morning sickness. So you need to make sure that you are taking enough calories otherwise it can be harmful to your baby's development.

To reduce morning sicknesses you must take the small amount of food and frequently. You must stop taking food after a long interval.

  • At this stage, you should stop moving heavy stuff around and you must ask for assistant.
  • The baby is your first priority. Don’t use any chemical for cleaning purpose such as bleach, toilet cleaner, dishwasher cleaner.
  • You should stop eating raw foods or undercooked food.
  • You should go out with your partner to enjoy some fresh air and natural beauties.
  • While you are going somewhere you should carry some dry foods in your bag such as salted and roasted nuts, some biscuits and also some drinking water.

While going to visit your gynecologist you should go with your partner so that he can pay attention to what is the doctor saying and how to take care of you.

By now if you are losing weight for morning sickness then don’t worry because you have plenty of time to gain weight.

In 6 weeks you have hormonal changes nausea, tiredness so you need to watch your diet chart closely and carefully. You should take foods, which are good for you two, and the food can provide you required energy and at the same time, you need to make sure that you are avoiding things, which are dangerous for you and your baby.

Here I have tried to explain all the information and helpful tips about 6 weeks of pregnancy. I hope you will like it and follow it. You should remember that you are two now. So enjoy your journey and have a good day!

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