Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt

Are you pregnant and you’re struggling with lower back pain or pelvic and hip pain? Relax; we want you to enjoy your pregnancy period without any pain. Maybe you have been using a pregnancy pillow, but it has not given you the relief you want. Now, have you ever heard of maternity belt or pregnancy support band? Well, wearing a maternity pregnancy support belt will help you a lot during pregnancy. Pregnant women who are struggling with lower back pain or pelvic and hip pain will find a lot of relief when they wear a maternity pregnancy support belt.

Why should you use a Maternity Support Belts

Maternity support belts are made to support your lower back and abdomen during the pregnancy period. They’re flexible support garments which offer tons of benefits to active, pregnant women. The belts are suitable during the second, as well as, third trimesters. Now, if you don’t know why you need a maternity support belt, here are ways a maternity support belt can help you.

i. Helps to decrease your pain

Back and joint pain can be very frustrating during pregnancy. It makes it hard for you to do your daily activities. It is unfortunate that 71% of pregnant women report to experience lower back pain while 65% report pelvic girdle pain. When you wear maternity support belt, it will help you to support the lower back and your baby bump during your day to day activities. This will result in less pain overall.

Sacroiliac joint pain is another pain that frequently occur during pregnancy. Belly bands which support this region will stabilize the joint and it will prevent pain during your daily activities. During the second trimester, women might experience round ligament pain. This is something which occurs from a dull ache to a sharp pain. It occurs on the front of pregnant women hip to below the belly. The pain is temporary but unbearable. Pregnancy support belt will distribute the weight of your baby across your abdomen and back and reduce pain.

ii. Offer a gentle compression during activities

You can’t go for a run without your sport bra. The same thing also applies to your growing baby bump. You need a pregnancy support belt to offer you a gentle compression and support your uterus. It also reduces discomfort from movement during your physical activities. But this doesn’t mean that you need too much compression on your abdomen. A gentle compression is recommended and too much of it can impair circulation, cause heartburn and indigestion.

iii. Offer external cues for posture

During pregnancy, you will need a proper posture to avoid back pain. The best maternity pregnancy support belt will support your lower back and torso and encourage correct posture. Also, support belt will prevent over-extension of your lower back and you will not have that swayback appearance of pregnancy.

iv. Enable pregnant women to comfortably do their daily activities

Doing a prenatal exercise has tons of positive effect on your health. Doing exercise will increase your muscle ton, as well as, endurance. It also reduces the incidence of hypertension, diabetes and depression. With a maternity pregnancy support belt, you’ll be able to do your daily activities without experiencing pain and discomfort.

v. You can wear it after pregnancy for ultimate support

After delivery, you’ll need more time to take care of your newborn and this is challenging and it can even lead to injuries. Wearing maternity support belt after delivery will give you additional support to your lower back and abdomen. It will decrease discomfort and when you combine it with specific exercises, the belt will assist in closing the gap between your abdominal muscles. 

When should you wear a Maternity Support Belt?

There are tons of reasons why you need a maternity pregnancy support belt. The pregnancy support belt will help you when you;

  • Have a hernia
  • Have round ligament pain
  • Have back pain
  • Having physical exercises (walks, fitness, coking, housekeeping)
  • Having pelvic pain
  • Having discomfort from the sciatica
  • Are pregnant with twins
  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • Spending a lot of time on your feet during the day
  • Gained an extra amount of weight
  • Have a consecutive pregnancy, a pregnancy support belt will support your abdominal muscles which stretch intensively and rapidly
  • Have conditions like fetal drops, oversized uterus, low-lying placenta or uterus scar

Are Pregnancy Support Belts safe for baby?

A well-designed maternity support belt will not hurt your baby as long as you follow the instructions given. When you have a comfortable tightness, then your baby will not be hurt. The belts come in different sizes and it will be nice to choose the right one based on your size and shape. This will make you feel comfortable when wearing it.

Using the support belt improperly will harm your developing fetus. A pregnancy belt which is too tight will interrupt the development of your baby. You need to wear the belt minimally and also adjust it carefully.

Remember that wearing a maternity pregnancy support belt is your decision, but it is compulsory to wear it correctly.

Maternity support belt pros

Wearing a support belt during pregnancy period and postpartum will give you a lot of potential benefits.

  • Relieve lower back, joint and muscular pain: The extra weight will cause you to be off balance, and this will make you to waddle like a duck instead of walking. Wearing pregnancy support belt will distribute your baby’s weight evenly over the lower back and abdomen. Wearing a well-made belly belt will lessen any kind of pain
  • They are comfortable: flexible, affordable, accessible and also effective. Pregnancy support belt will be your lifesaver only when you wear it correctly. If you get the universal one then you will be wearing the same belt throughout your pregnancy period making it cost-effective
  • Relieve SI joint pain and hip pain: wearing pregnancy support belt will stabilize the pair of SI joints and this will finally lessens the SI joint pain. The variance in postures while walking, sitting or doing any other activities will contribute to hip pain. Wearing the best pregnancy support belt will be of great help. The belt will distribute the weight evenly and lessen hip pain due to sciatica.
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    Lessen discomfort during physical activities: During pregnancy period, it is advisable to do some physical activities since it has some benefits. If you do a lot of the activities on your feet at home, then you should wear a belly belt. If you can’t afford to stop working, then a belly belt will be a great choice to you. The belt will softly compress the large belly and support your uterus and less discomfort during your physical activities.
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    Encourage proper posture: During the third trimester, your body will release hormones which will loosen your ligaments, muscles and joints in your pelvic and hip areas. This will let you to have an easier labor. Now that your joints, ligaments and muscles are weaker, you need a belly belt that will avoid overextending the lower back during walking, sitting and other postures.

Cons of wearing a pregnancy support belt

  • Maternity pregnancy support belt shouldn’t be worn all day long every day. It should be worn 2 to 3 hours every day. Don’t wear it longer because it can weaken your lower body muscles. If it is too tight it can interfere with blood circulation due to too much compression.
  • It can also lead to high blood pressure, heartburn and indigestion due to bad blood circulation.
  • Your clothing may get caught with your belt with Velcro and they will become wrecked.
  • Pregnancy support belts are not recommended for women with SI joint dysfunction because it can cause complications during their pregnancy.

If you’re in need of the best maternity pregnancy support belt that will give you extra support, then here is our five pick of the best that will offer you the much-needed comfort.

1. Jill & Joey Belly Band for Pregnancy

Jill & Joey Belly Band for Pregnancy

No more pain and pressure in your back, hips and pelvis. With this maternity pregnancy support belt, you’ll never come across edema or swelling in your legs, hands and feet. Being pregnant means you’re going to be bigger and you don’t have to worry about the weight you’ll gain. This belt is adjustable, so as your baby belly grows, you’ll gradually adjust your belt accordingly. You only need this belt since it will give you the support throughout the pregnancy period.

The belt will give you a gentle compression which helps to ensure you have a correct posture. It has Velcro closure to enable users have the perfect amount of compression to their belly and back. One thing you will love about this maternity pregnancy support belt is its cotton materials. Relax because your belt is soft, cool and breathable. Pregnant mothers will love wearing the belt everyday under their clothing. If you have a sensitive skin, then it will be better to wear it on top of your tank top.

After delivery, this belt can be worn to provide support for the healing muscles. You only need a gentle hand wash to clean your belt. This is the best maternity pregnancy support belt made to look subtle as possible. You will be wearing it with your favorite clothes and it will always give you a snug fit. The bell belt will let you to enjoy your daily activities such as hiking, running and playing tennis.

Product ultimate features

  • It has universal size so this single belt will offer you great support and comfort throughout your entire pregnancy. The belt can expand up to 45”
  • Breathable fabric will keep your belly nice and cool even during the hot months
  • It has the softest cotton so pregnant women with sensitive skin will love wearing the belt and it will remain as subtle as possible

2. AZMED Maternity Belt, One Size, Beige

AZMED Maternity Belt

You can now make pregnancy period as enjoyable as never before with this maternity belt. It is made to stretch naturally and has a Velcro strap to give you a secure fit. This product can be worn by any pregnant woman regardless of shape or size due to its universal size. If you’re seeking relief from pelvic and hip pains, then this pregnancy support belt will give you the best support you need. Combine this maternity support belt with your prenatal multivitamins and your pregnancy period will be pain-free.

The material used to make the belt is soft and breathable so it can be worn even during the hot months. The breathable material means no more moisture build-up. The airflow will also keep you cooler and inhibit pooling of bacteria. The belt is ideal for supporting weak abdominal muscles and correcting poor posture during pregnancy, as well as, post-pregnancy.

This supportive device is ideal for easing the lower back pains and preventing hip instability. The belt will optimally distribute the pregnancy weight when you accidentally lean back, right, or left. Your baby will be secure and you’ll not have permanent damage of your posture after delivery.

Product ultimate features

  • It has breathable fabrication to provide a gentle compression without any discomfort
  • The maternity belt is elastic to offer pregnant women the most-needed support
  • It is sturdy to support your excess pregnancy weight and prevent you from straining your back
  • It has universal size and can stretch up to 46”, this pregnancy support belt will act as a mini cradle for the developing baby

3. Maternity Belt, Lower Back and Pelvic Support

Belly Band for Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you’ll need some support for your back, hip and pelvic region, as well as, abdominal area. This maternity belt is made to relive pain from hip, sacroiliac and pelvic pain. It will also minimize spinal strain. It will also offer you a great way of correcting posture during your pregnancy. You will like this device so much since it will support those weak abdominal muscles.

You will be wearing the belt daily and it will give you the support you need to do your day to day activities. Imagine that you don’t have to sit on the sidelines for anything. The soft breathable material will make you feel comfortable when wearing it. Regardless of our shape or size, this pregnancy brace will let you to wear it snugly.

It has an elastic material making the belt to stretch naturally to your desired size. You’ll only buy one belt and it will offer you remarkable support throughout the entire pregnancy period. You will use this brace under any of your favorite clothing. The belt will prevent back pains and pelvic pain. This means you will have an improved posture and the end results are less aches and pains.

Product ultimate features

  • The universal size makes the maternity support belt to fit all up to 48”, so your belt will naturally stretch as your baby bump grows. You only need one belt throughout your entire pregnancy
  • It has soft breathable, comfortable and skin friendly material so you can wear your belt daily and enjoy your day-to-day activities without any pain

4. Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Belt by DivaDio

Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Belt by DivaDio

You don’t have to worry about the stage of your pregnancy. Here is the best maternity pregnancy support belt made to be worn at any stage of pregnancy. It will prevent back pain and aches and this will enable you to do your daily activities. The belt will let you to have a normal life even during your late pregnancy. It will gently lift your belly and let you to enjoy a pain-free pregnancy.

It has breathable materials to enable you to wear it under your favorite clothing. This maternity support band is breathable and supportive making it suitable for your entire pregnancy period. It is also lightweight and when you wear it, no body will notice that you have a maternity support band. The adjustable design will enable you to wear it throughout the gestation period and it can fit belly size up to 46”. With this maternity pregnancy support belt, your body will be able to carry the growing fetus without experiencing back pain and aches.

The product comes with two washable nursing pads and this will let you to save your cash. It also comes with tips and trick guide to let you to stay in shape while expectant. This maternity support belt has durable, yet soft seams and it will never lose its elasticity. It will never irritate your sensitive skin and non-toxic, too. You’ve used a pregnancy test strip and it turned to be positive, now it is the best time to grab your maternity pregnancy support belt and you’ll be glad that you did it. The maternity support belt will give you the most-needed support and comfort during the second and third the trimester.

Product ultimate features

  • It has a special design to lift your abdominal area and make you to feel comfortable as you do your day-to-day activities such as cooking
  • Comes with nursing pads as bonus and you will love the free nursing pads because they are soft and have absorbent terry to keep you dry while nursing. The nursing pads are washable and reusable so you can save your money
  • MedApps
    The belt has a perfect blend of elastic spandex and anti-allergic cotton to give you a breathable comfort, as well as, support
  • MedApps
    It has a simple closures so you will have a pleasure time wearing and adjusting it a breeze

5. DonnaElite Premium Maternity Support Belt

DonnaElite Premium Maternity Support Belt

Get this pregnancy belt which is made to offer a great amount of comfort, support, as well as, pain relief for your growing baby bump. It will reduce lower back, and also pelvic pain. The belt will also reduce stretch marks, bladder pressure, as well as, uterine prolapse. It has new design to offer enough room for the belly to grow. You can wear it the entire pregnancy stages. It is also suitable for all body types due to its elasticity. The elastic straps make the belt to stretch up to 52”.

Moms will love this belt because it is made to stay in place without slipping down or rolling. It has top quality materials meaning it will last longer. The breathable fabric and cotton lining makes the belt a great choice to moms with a sensitive skin. The belt will perfectly blend with your skin color and make you to feel better and look great under your clothing.

This device will strengthen the muscles during and after pregnancy. No more pressure on your spine, this belt is suitable for prenatal and postpartum use. It will let you to enjoy a fast postpartum recovery. The hypoallergenic materials make the belt suitable for any mom. As a perfect gift, the belt comes with three bra extender set which comes in three colors which are black, white and beige. No need of experiencing pain during pregnancy period. You know what, when you want to do your daily activities, you just wear the maternity belt and use your pregnancy pillow when sleeping you’ll see those nine months running like days. Buy your best maternity belt today.

Product ultimate features

  • The belt is adjustable to fit all; it has elastic straps that make the belt to stretch up to 52 inches. You will not waste your money because one maternity pregnancy support belt will give you the ultimate support and comfort throughout the entire pregnancy
  • The sleek and streamlined design will let you to feel better and even look great when wearing the belt
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    It comes with three bra extender set and in three colors which are white, black and beige so you can perfectly match your clothing
  • MedApps
    The belt has 100% cotton lining, breathable and hypoallergenic material so women with sensitive skin can find this pregnancy belt suitable for them
  • MedApps
    Secure fasteners will let your pregnancy support belt to stay in place. You will not struggle with a rolling or slipping belt 

Final thought

A lot of women find the gestation period very hectic. But why should a pregnant woman worry? Grabbing the best maternity pregnancy support belt offers the best support and comfort. Wearing a pregnancy support belt enables your developing baby to grow healthy and makes your pregnancy journey full of satisfaction.

Use your pregnancy pillow when sleeping and wear the maternity pregnancy support belt when doing your day-to-today activities and you’ll never come across pains and aches. Be a wise woman and grab yours today from the above top five products and they’ll guarantee you unbeatable support to your unborn.

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