​In our website, we are very concern about the privacy of our visitors. Client’s privacy always our first priority.  In the policy article, we have discussed how we collect your personal information and what kind of information we collect and how we use the information.

​ reserves all the rights to change the privacy policy at any time.

​By visiting this website, you are agreeing to be bound all the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If you don’t agree with these policies, please don’t visit this website.

​If you read the following information you will know how we are gathering our information and spreading practices.

​How we collect your personal data and use it

​We collect your personal data information to provide you a better and improved website. We normally collect information from you such as name, email address, mailing address, contact details and phone number. 

​We collect your device id, IP address etc. If you are using our site through the mobile phone, then you may get your location from where you are using your mobile device. We store this information to provide you further any location-based information about you and any advertisement.

​We may get your billing information that you have done through our websites such as credit number and billing address.

​We will collect your baby weight, name, date of birth and age to provide more facilities for you and your babies to the website.

​We use this information to fulfill your order which is given to the third party for any affiliate marketing site. We use your information to send an order confirmation. We also love to send you the notification or recommend products which are suitable for you or your baby. We send you the products update, service information and warranty details which is requested by you.

​We manage your account and keep sending the newsletters to provide better services. We respond to all your queries and answers and try to maintain the marketing communication with you.

​By collecting your personal identity information, we improve our website and marketing efforts, research, and analysis handling and try to update contents on the website based on your interest.

​Collected Information from you about Other users

​While you select someone from the third party and invite to create an account, we collect the details information about you and the third party such as name, email addresses to send updated mail and to communicate with the third party. We believe that whatever we get from the third party that must need to be required by law to allow us to use third party's name or email address as per needed.

​For any changes or remove the data from database you and the third party can request us by sending an email at

​Data That You Provide to Google

​In this site, we may allow the users to use their account to Google to cooperate with friends and can be shared website comments on any things related to google including YouTube and google plus.

​While you are logged in to google or into the site if you click on "connect with Google" then you will be linked to your profile. If you are not logged in to google but logged into the site, when you click the "connect with Google" or a similar connection on alternative SNS, then you will be encouraged to sign up for the SNS.

​By continuing this you are giving permission the site to access your personal identity information.

​The Information You Provide to Social Media Networks

​This site allows you to access social media network to communicate with friends and share the post through the news feed and profile wall. If you are already logged in to the social media networks, then you will be able to share your post directly. If you are not logged in to the social media such as Facebook and similar other connections and you want to share your post from this site, then you will be asked to enter your login details including email address and password.

​While you are registered on this site and at the same time connected with Facebook and other connections you will be able to share your most recent post automatically. We may collect your information through social media networks and it may depend on their privacy policies and data premises. You will have the option to disable social media anytime you want just by logging in to your account through the site and uncheck the social media networks from the settings.

​Data Sharing

​We will share your data with third parties in the ways which we have already discussed on above statement. The can ensure you that we don't sell any of your personal information to the third party. We don't allow any third party or any unauthorized member to collect our user’s personal identity data to use for the third party. We can ensure we don't copy any of your data and don't rent or sell to a third party any information that is given to our site.

​In some cases, we provide your personal information to other organization like selling sites as the part of our business activities such as delivering your product and services.

​These organizations are authorized to use your personal data just as required to deliver these facilities to us.

​We can disclose your personal data information if it is required by the law or for any government issues or some similar legal issues. We also trust in faithfulness which release is needed to protect our legal rights, protect your safety and other safety as well and investigate to a fraud or responding to a government appeal.

​We can share your personal information with the affiliate marketing site or partner. We may use your name and contact details and email address with our affiliate company or partner to be used for a marketing purpose or to improve the services. We also share with other third parties along with your concern if there is any necessary. 

​We can share nonpersonal data such as how many order is placed on which products and on which date, how many visitors are using the website each day and their locations with the third party to improve marketing services. This information wont allows identifying you or other visitors.

​If any changes happen in this union without these such as acquisition, rent or sell all or any part of it you will be notified by an email or any written notice on our website. You also will be notified if there are any changes in ownership or the uses of your personal data.

​The may be able to post content to social networking sites. If you allow doing so we will share your data to those social networking sites according to your choices.

​If you visit this site that means you are accepting that you are only responsible for your use of these social networking sites. It is completely your duty to review their terms of use and privacy policies.

​We can’t give you any guarantee about the social networking sites and their content, products or services or the legal existence of these social networks that you use.

​Third Party Website and Related Link

​In Our site, it may include links to the related website or any third party websites. While you are clicking on any other link you may leave our site and you will go to another website that time other websites can collect your personal data or unspecified data from you. We don't have any control over these. We are not liable for any of the activity or content of these outside websites.

​Please be conscious that this terms of use and privacy policy don't cover for outside website or contents.

​We would like to suggest you read the privacy policies while you visit other websites.

​Cookies and Other Tracking Systems

​Cookies are the small objects, files which are stored by your browser on your computer hard disc. Cookies are used to collect your data from the browser of the device you use such as IP address of your computer your browser details and how many time do you visit the website and which page or which part of the site is most frequently visited etc.

​We use cookies to gather your browsing details, your profile information, and to know your priority and to know how do you use and how frequently use etc. all statistical data. We can ensure you our cookies do not keep storing your personal or confidential data.

​If you want to disable cookies from your web browser, you can do it from the browser settings. In that cases, you may lose some information from the website and you won't be able to see all the activities and functions of the website.

​To know more about the cookie management for the specific web browser you can see at the browser's corresponding websites.


​The safety and security protection of your personally identifiable information is the main priority for us. If you enter any confidential data, such as transaction details or card details on the order forms we encode the conduction of the data by using secure socket layer path which is called SSL system.

​Mostly, we use recognized industry standards security to provide maximum security to your personal data which is given to us while we receive it or the transmission time.

​Baby’s Information

​We believe it is more important to have extra protection for babies online.

​The never collect any personally identifiable information from the kids who are under 15.

​In this site, the have the full rights to change the privacy policy time to time. You may receive a notification email after the changes for major changes you will be notified through an email or a written statement.

​If there are any queries or for more information about this privacy policy or anything related this site, please feel free to contact us by sending an email at